From the recording Locksmith Hands

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Try your luck
A guilty man pleads innocent and she’s still got a grudge
A penny in a wishing well won’t buy you real love
Padlock heart
Locksmith hands and ambience for wishing on the stars
I think that we could teach each other who we really are

I think I wanna let the walls fall
I think I wanna swim the deep end
I think I wanna let my heart race loud enough for you to hear it
I think I wanna be your muse
I think I wanna be your burden
Forgive me for what I might do
I never really mean to

Spill your guts
And I’ll clean up the mess you make and take you home to rust
And I’ll sleep on the couch and dream about forbidden love
Give her up
You're just a frame, the painting’s hanging on my bedroom wall
And I don't need new wounds, but I am always slow to draw