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God Shaped Hole Official Music Video


Who is Emmet Michael?

Metamorphosis through music

Introspective and enthralling, with equal parts grit and grace, Emmet Michael is a musician who was built on his trials. Turning to music in his darkest times, he found solace in his ability to share his heart with others through his lyrics. Drawing on his experience of transitioning from female to male, living with mental illness, and battling addiction, his songs carry a tone of desperation and sorrow. With soulful melodies and heart wrenching lyrics, his music conveys a message that is both powerful and vulnerable. Entirely unique, yet familiar.

He released his debut EP "I Feel Like I Just Woke Up" to a sold out crowd on September 26th, 2019. On his brilliant self-released recording, Emmet invites us in to experience the world with him. Ever reminding us all of our shared desires to love and be loved - just as we are. An ingenious mix of intimate and explosive, tender and wild, this EP will take it's listeners on a journey through the all too real feelings of love and loss. Accompanying the poetic lyrics are layered harmonies, striking guitar solos, melancholic strings and more. There's something in this album for everyone.

Emmet performs at local cafes, bars, festivals and non-profit events. Recently showcased to larger audiences at Canmore Folk Music Festival, Festival Place, and the Northern Lights Folk Club, his live shows provide an experience simply too incredible for words. His eloquent story telling pairs perfectly with an always evocative performance, allowing those in attendance to connect - to him, themselves and each other.

Raw vulnerability is what will always set Emmet apart. He bares his soul in a way that is sophisticated far beyond his youth. This is only the beginning for this talented songwriter.