Metamorphosis Through Music

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EP "I Feel Like I Just Woke Up"

Released on September 26th

An ingenious mix of intimate and explosive, tender and wild, this EP will take it's listeners on a journey through the all too real feelings of love and loss. Accompanying the poetic lyrics are layered harmonies, striking guitar solos, melancholic strings and more. There's something in this album for everyone.


Who is Emmet Michael?

The story behind the music

"Music has always been a platform for me to say the things I want to say, and a platform for me to be who I want to be. It gave me a voice in times where I really didn't feel I had one. I think today that my story and adversities are what give my music it's soul. Everything from my battle through mental health and addiction, to my journey in transitioning from female to male, has led me to my creative peak. I share my music in hopes that it connects me to others, connects others to each other, and connects people to themselves."


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