Hang Love to Dry

I’ve got a problem with making it work

I’ve got so many words, and I just wanna be heard

But she’s gone, she’s gone

She’s gone

And I’m but an author of books made of her

Each story’s the same, but the endings get worse

I try to write about love, but love has written me off

Yeah, I’m gone


She’s here then she’s not

Yeah, she does what she wants

She comes and she goes

Yeah, she’s overexposed 

And the limelight has swallowed her whole

She likes to pretend like she hasn’t a soul

But she rolls in like thunder, chilling my bones

And the worst part of being is being alone

The worst part of loving is letting go

Yeah, the worst part of loving is letting go 


I don’t like to promise, so I promise I won’t 

There’s a story behind me that you don’t wanna know

Love is kept best with eyes shut, mouths closed

I don’t want it all, I just want to scrape by

When she took my hand I kissed my heart good-bye

Yeah, it’s gone, it’s gone, yeah


My father’s an oyster and my mother’s a pearl 

He swallowed her up before she saw the world 

And she’s gone, she’s gone

But he couldn’t keep her when she started to shine

Now she’s another man’s treasure, the apple of his eye

I wanna find love, keep love, hang old love to dry

I wanna find love, keep love, leave old love behind

Man in the Moon

I feel like I just woke up

Took you for a dream that might swallow me up

You can’t stomach the guilt the same way you can heartbreak

And my hallelujah sits naked beside me

God gave me hands to pick you up

God gave me feet to walk you home in the dark

Everything changes while I stay the same 

If God’s grace is shameless then why do I feel 


Oh if God’s grace is shameless then why do I feel 

So goddamned ashamed for the way that I feel

I feel like I love you, does that make it true

I’m just one more slip shy of going too soon

And I wish that I could be the man in the moon

‘Cause the further I am, the better I can

Watch over you 


I know I talk too much when I’m on that awful stuff 

Am I high or in love, which one’s harder to stop

Is this real or a fantasy I’m making up 

I’m always too much or I’m never enough

Said I’m always too much, or I’m never enough


Locksmith Hands

Try your luck 

A guilty man pleads innocent and she’s still got a grudge

A penny in a wishing well won’t buy you real love

Padlock heart

Locksmith hands and ambience for wishing on the stars

I think that we could teach each other who we really are 


I think I wanna let the walls fall

I think I wanna swim the deep end

I think I wanna let my heart race loud enough for you to hear it

I think I wanna be your muse

I think I wanna be your burden

Forgive me for what I might do

I never really mean to 


Spill your guts

And I’ll clean up the mess you make and take you home to rust

And I’ll sleep on the couch and dream about forbidden love

Give her up

You're just a frame, the painting’s hanging on my bedroom wall

And I don't need new wounds, but I am always slow to draw

The Ugly

Stale poetry grows like weeds in a garden

I planted with seeds from the devil 

Won’t cease 

What a curse he’s put on me, emotional lobotomy

It would bother me, but now I don’t feel anything

What a martyr I am, with my face in the sand

A white flag in my hand

Oh I am what I am

A coward on his knees, but I’m convinced that I am free

I can stop, just wait and see

Just have faith in me

Just one more drink, a sedative so I can sleep

I don’t get high, the high gets me

And it comes violently 


Don’t ask me why I do this

Why I put you through this

Redundant inconsistency 

I believe I have a soul

But it’s so far from my body

And still she seems to love me

The good, the bad, the ugly


I clipped an angel’s wings so that she’d stay with me

And still she looks at me like I’ve got everything


I hear you crying baby don’t you love me

And weren't you thinking of me

The night you did the ugly 

The ugly, the ugly 


Carry me somewhere beyond myself

What a pleasant sort of hell

Not even time could tell where it ends

Does it ever end

What a selfish way to die

My skin holds my bones too tight

One more line and I’ll survive


Let it snow

Let it snow

Let it snow

I’ll get better over time, but for now

Leave me cold


Carry me, I never wanna come back down

What a way to let this out

A breath short of life itself

Nothing to give a fuck about


Let it snow

Let it snow

Let it snow

I’ll get better over time, but for now

Leave me cold


Oh baby let me go 

Leave me cold


I’ll get better over time, I’ll get better over time

I’ll get better, I swear I’ll get better x2


In the midst of winter, I saw an angel in the lights

Was it you

Was it you